Afk in ranked

Hi, i had it multiple times now, that my oppenent leaves game 1, i then have to wait his full 3 min timer + the full siding timer + the first or second timer + again a 3 min timer. Kinda annoying that they can waste 10 min of my playing time.

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When no action is made after a few seconds, the timer accelerated. This means that while it shows 3 minutes have gone by, in reality, it’s closer to 1.5 minutes. The siding timer is the only one in which this doesn’t apply, but I believe that timer starts at 2 minutes anyway.

This effectively creates a timer system very similar than the official tournament policy, Konami uses. When the round starts, if the opponent doesn’t show up for 5 minutes, it is a game loss, if they don’t show up for 10 minutes it is a match loss.

Regarding directly addressing AFK players, the accelerated timer is the best way we have found to deal with this.

There are real people behind each username, and while it did “waste” your time, the other player could have had an emergency and had to get up to address it. While you resulted in a win in a faster time than it would have taken you to have played the match, it provided the opponent possibly the ability to take care of the problem and possibly come back intime before their loss was given.

This is not always the case, but again, this is the best system that we believe addresses this problem.

Thank you for your feedback on your experience.