Accessibility option toggle regarding card text

Long texts in cards are usually difficult to read and comprehend for people seeing them for the first time. It personally makes learning how do new decks work a pain for me and others. There’s not a clear distinction of when does one effect end and when does another start when going over the text without paying much attention.

The actual card game often tries to cram as much text as possible onto a single paragraph because they’ve only got a limited amount of space to work with. However, this program doesn’t have such limitations.

It should be possible to make a new option which can be toggled on and off by the player to separate the card text into several paragraphs using the periods as a guide. I believe should not be too cumbersome to implement due to not needing to actually rewrite the card text, just display it differently.

Below I’ve created a video that shows how I imagine this setting to look like on a card with many effects. In this case the card is Cyber Eternity Dragon. Also the text isn’t bolded in the custom card because idk how to do that lol.