About the Phase Buttons

In the last update there was this change in which the chain buttons always return to their “legal” state after each phase transition, asking the support I learned that this was done intentionally so people will always have to pay attention to the game and this would avoid miss timings for cards activations.


While theoretically this seems right, this is actually being frustrating and annoying to deal with, even configuring the controls as instructed, having to be always holding something or denying something is too anti-game and it tires the person too much or even causes confusion that in certain moment by accident the person may presses the key where it shouldn’t because it was already canceling other things and loses the activation time of something, that is, in the end, in some cases this is having an opposite effect and complicating the game in a unnecessarily way.

I know and have seen several people, including myself who are dissatisfied with this change, have not adapted or at least do not understand why it was changed like that, but in the meantime I also understand that some people including AntiMetamen who I asked about it yesterday on the support channel, I understant that they liked and accepted the change, so my suggestion is simply to have an option in the settings to enable or disable this function reverting the game to how it was before if disabled, this would please both groups, those who did like the change and those who disliked it or not adapt to it.

Please think about it, it is not complicated to change and no one will lose nothing with this, it is the same as the antialiasing issue that was causing problems for some people yesterday and there was also no option to disable it. When adding functions, whatever they were, give players the option to choose whether or not they want it.

That’s it, sorry for the long post and the mistakes in english, it’s not my native language.

I’ll tell you that I don’t like the auto legal chain on phase transitions. This was done becuase many pro players were missing timing to activate. If you swap to legal DURING the phase, it won’t work. You have to swap BEFORE the phase. Unfortunately, that is a huge issue if the players aren’t fast enough. This usually occurs when real life players are not used to the auto sims.

In real life, it is also the same thing though. Imagine your opponent is doing a combo where he Normal Summons a monster and then waits 1 second, and then sends it to the Graveyard for a Link Summon. Then, you said, “Wait, I had a response to the Normal Summon”. The guy waited for 1 second, but you didn’t say anything.

So now there are four solutions:

  1. Should the opponent ask you whether you have a response after every move ? (All Chain)
  2. Should the player tell the opponent when a response is possible ? (Legal Chain)
  3. Should the opponent only ask you sometimes but not always? (Auto Chain)
  4. Should the opponent never ask after each move but you interrupt at the right time when you need to ? (Toggle No Chain to Legal)

Real life is still easier because you have the power of “negotiation”. Unlike a program, you can rewind and take back moves. This is not supposed to be legal but people have fought over minor things like the opponent having an Ash Blossom during a combo but not saying it fast enough. The youtuber, Farfa had such a case on Dueling Book, where 3 judges were called.

Here’s what I think should happen and this is my personal opinion after playing ygopro for 7 years and ygo online (the precursor and origin of the semi-automatic chain system) for 8 years.

  1. Players should use the Hold and Toggle Chain in the Settings.

  2. The A, S, and D for All Chain, No Chain, and Legal Chain should stay. It is comfortable to keep your fingers on ASD because most games already use WSAD for movement. You also have the T key here for quickly opening chat and typing. When you need to activate an effect, press and HOLD the D key to toggle Legal chain. When you don’t want to activate anything, press and HOLD the S key. In all other situations, you don’t need to do much.

    In the rare situations where you have no hand traps and you want to bluff during your opponent’s turn, you can just click on the All Chain button with the mouse and it will stay in that position or alternatively, press and HOLD the A button.

  3. Set your keybinds for No, Close, and Cancel to RMB (Right Mouse Button). This way, you can quickly close prompts with the mouse.

This is my setup and I believe it is optimal for most players. I have my right hand on my mouse and my left hand on the ASD. It is comfortable.

We will revert the force Legal chain on phase transitions and just do it on End Phase.