Ability to change the scale of the cards on the field/in hand

Ability to change the scale of the cards on the field/in hand.

Im visually impaired and it’s a bit hard on my eyes. Any chance on an option to make them slightly bigger/smaller?


Im not quite sure what you mean by scale. But you can do a few things. You can zoom on a card by pressing and holding, or hitting the zoom hotkey (Middle mouse button by default), to enlarge the card in focus. You can also enable the ability to have the cards text shown seperately to the card when zoomed, by checking a setting in the Gameplay section of settings (I believe) called “Enable text box on zoom”. Thsi will give you access to seperate text so you don’t have to scroll on a card.

Finally, you can also enlarge the text shown on all of these in the settings by changing the font size up from the default of 27 px.

If you are meaning something else, please feel free to elaborate so that we can be on the same page.

Thank you!

I also forgot, for the preview card on the left hand side of the screen, if enable, can be made larger by dragging the corners of the card to make it bigger.

I just wanna make the cards in my hand bigger. I know you can click on them to see what they are but At a glance, it would be a lot better for me if I can just see my hand easier because of how bad my eyes actually are. I know what my cards can do but my vision is just so bad it’s very hard to distinguish what is what and having to click around my hand trying to figure out what is kind of bleh. It doesn’t need to be giant.

I used REshade and got what i was looking for.

I am glad you found what you are looking for!

But I’d like to emphasize again, there is the Display card which enables you to simply mouse over the card to display a much bigger version of the card without requiring you to do the zoom.

If you click this button on the upper right hand corner it will automatically show whatever card you are moused over in a large display picture to the left. You can also drag the corner of the card to make it larger.

You can see this in this video: YGO Omega Guide - Gameplay Tips and Tricks - YouTube