A smoother replay

Hey Guys, is it possible to have the replay run smoother? I know we can make it slower from the chatbox settings, but still, some actions are still faster than others, and there’s a big delay between each action when the slider is on slow (as if there was a pause each time something happens).
so please maybe you can improve the replay, so people can easily follow what’s happening in the duel when we share our replay videos on YT and social media.

@Khaled what do you mean by smother? Can you define your suggestion in more detail? The speed slider defines the speed between each action of the replay and you can manually pause, rewind or fast forward. What actions are faster than others?

sorry for not precising, here’s a better explanation:

in short, there’s a pause happening between actions when I slow down the game speed in replays, the animations are still crazy fast, but it adds a delay between moves. seems like the timelines of animations are messed up?

Phase changes :

the text animation happens in a blink of an eye, and a pause happens between each one. it looks very choppy/laggy, notice how the sound effect isn’t synced with the animation.

here’s how it currently looks

And here’s how it should look
I’ve modified the original replay with Adobe Premiere, slowed the animations and removed the delay.

summoning animations:
A long pause occur after summoning a monster, and the next move right after happens in supersonic speed!
here’s how it currently looks

notice how the summoned monsters freeze for a while after hitting the field, and after linking to Wise Strix the whole animation happened in a fraction of a second! actually, the link materials went to the GY before even Singing Lanius finished its own summoning animation! so please try to make some separation between the different summons so they don’t look almost simultaneous.

cards movement in general is EXTREMLY fast (from field to GY, from deck to field, from extra deck to field…etc), notice how Zephyros poped from deck to field in a milisecond. slow the movements down a bit and get rid of the unnecessary pauses please.

Same thing with attacks, another long unnecessary pause after each monster’s attack.

if you could fix these issues, I’m sure the replays would be much more enjoyable to watch :slight_smile:

I agree on the phase changes points but not so much on the summoning animations.
So let me go one by one:

  • Yes the long pause (controlled by the speed slider) is intended to help slow down the game and to help players (especially newer players) keep up with what is happening on the field, keyword here being the field. So the speed control is more action based rather than animation based.

  • Materials are sent before the link summon. Notice here that the animation you refer to is asynch (the game doesn’t stop while the animation plays). As far as the game is concerned the summon happened as soon as Strix hit the field which is when his effect also activates. The animation (link summon in this case) is than applied independently. The link summon animation itself is un effected from the speed slider (we may look into that).

  • Card movement is fast because even in slower movement you will (most likely) have a proper look at the card once it hits the field or it’s destination, where than the pause is applied and the deck shuffle is a indication of the origin of the card. Slowing down the speed of cards sent to GY for a link summon will not do much imo. Ex: If I activate pot of desires I don’t want to see 10 cards being banished slowly one by one. It used to be like that and people didn’t like it. But rather I want to focus on the two new draws.

  • Replays are not intended to be pre edited videos. Use of controls is always encouraged to pause when you need to read something, rewind when you missed something ect.

If you disagree with something please provide examples on how it can be improved.
(I haven’t looked into attacks :upside_down_face:)

cc: @Khaled

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