A list of Suggestions from a Guild for YGO Omega

== Features ==

  • Auto Place Zone as a hotkey, and as a button below the 3 chain buttons. [Important]
  • Allow Deck Edit while dueling. (but keeping the same deck in Match Duel)
    = Back then I usually open 2 client to read my deck or look for cards while dueling. But as AntiMetaman stated, a single client is to prevent spectate cheating.
  • Summon using materials will automatically select the remaning material required if there’s no other card. (unless the requirement is flexible, like 1+) [Great to have]
    = Also with that player can still cancel before the 1st selection.
  • Any mandatory effect is activated automatically. [Great to have]
    = Like Yousenju return, Lair of Darkness token summon.

Deck Edit:

  • Favorite a card with a hotkey in Deck Edit. (probably already there?) [Done]
  • Game will store a default Life Points number for each Duel Mode. [Great to have]
    = For example choosing Tag and set LP to 16.000 will set 16.000 as default for Tag duel next time a room is hosted.
    = Or even better, a default settings for each Duel Mode. Or, a template for hosting.
  • Select Multiple decks to add/edit the same Tag.
  • Select Multiple decks to export as YDK. (Maybe clipboard won’t be possible but export as YDK.)
    = Or just show decks in decks folder so we don’t have to export anyway.
  • Stores and shows frequently used tags next to the arrow in Deck Manager. (well since we have tags, it’s like a web tags cloud)

== Visual ==

  • Card chains show something animated on top of the card for clearer signal. [Important]
  • +Card that can be activated show something animated (like a flare) on top of the card. [Important]
    = Current the outer glow of cards that can be activated is not enough, it’s even worse when there’s a bright field present.
  • Add shadow or outer stroke for button in center field. Many field card arts got mixed in the view making it very hard to see.
    = (Of course I know there’s a setting to disable field BG, but it’s still better to have a BG to remind a field is still there)
  • Duplicate/Clone a card in Deck Edit will add the card right next to it instead of the last position in the deck.

Most of them were already done with the previous YGO clients, which I believe is feasible and reasonable enough.