Yubel End Phase effect fails to trigger

  1. Bug description
    Yubel’s effect during the end phase to tribute a monster or it is destroyed asks for confirmation to trigger, but the returns an error message instead of resolving

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    I special summon Yubel by the tributing effect of Samsara D Lotus, and at the end phase trigger Samsara D Lotus’s effect to special summon itself, and then confirm the activation of Yubel’s end phase effect. Instead of allowing the effect to resolve and choosing a target, instead the game returns an error message and continues as if the effect was already resolved but nothing happens


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    When the bug occured, Yubel’s effect should have made me either tribute another monster or destroy itself, but instead it returned an error message and continued as if the effect had already resolved with nothing happening

  5. What OS are you using


Thank you for making a bug report.

Currently Local and test hand is bugged. You can find the list of currently bugged cards in the “Fixed” section of the currently known bugs page: Currently Known Bugs

As listed at the top of the page, Local and test hands will not be fixed until a major update is pushed. In the mean time you can play online by hosting a room, making it private if you wish, and inviting the Bot to play against.

I have confirmed that Yubel is working in the Online mode.

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