YGO Omega Version 0.992

Functional Changes

  1. The idle time per turn is now 240 secs for both turn player and non-turn player. Players get 5 secs back per move. You can keep gaining time until more than twice the original time. This gives ample time for combos and infinite loops without exploiting hostage loops situations.
  2. The server has been optimized. There will be more optimizations coming soon. The time between each move will be less.
  3. Players will get DP (Duel Points) per win in ranked according to the rating of their opponent.
  4. The max difference between the rating of players in ranked has been changed from 350 to 200. This means that even if you were matched with someone with a large difference in rating, the Elo calculation will not cause a large fluctuation in points. Also, the K-factors were reduced by 10. Read more about the algorithm here: YGO Omega's Ranking Algorithm - #2
  5. The opponent’s rating and badge will no longer be shown when matched. A player should not be influenced by their opponent’s rating.
  6. You can right-click on the username of the LP bar and get the discord id.
  7. The unranked Match queue is back.
  8. Your last used chain settings are saved for the next duel.
  9. Duels start faster.
  10. Ability to adjust Replay Speed. Go to the new settings tab in the chat box. Pause the replay and adjust the replay speed.
  11. A filter for pre-errata and unscripted cards was added in Deck Editor.
  12. A new way to filter by hand traps is also added in the “Ability” section.
  13. Filter for Dark Synchro and Token were added in deck editor.
  14. You can search using boolean in deck editor. That means NOT, AND, and OR.
    ~!target will search for all cards that don’t target. (Great for anti-dragoon)
    ~banish|destroy will search for all cards that can banish OR destroy.
    ~banish&return will search for all cards that can banish AND return.
  15. A new way to swap cards between side deck and main deck has been added. Just right click on the card in side and right click on another card in main. This is for players who don’t like to drag to swap.
  16. Lots of changes to Manual Mode. You can now target cards from hand. The log will show what cards are targeted but you must state whether it’s for an effect or an attack. You can do everything in terms of manual mode now in DB and have a completely competitive duel. There’s also now the new /excavate x command to reveal the top x cards of the deck. You can also banishex x to banish x random cards from extra deck to resolve pot of extragavance.

You can also reset your entire hand acting as a test hand for manual mode. The button will be beneath the deck. The hand will auto shuffle when the number of cards in hand changes.

  1. Vietnamese support.
  2. Deck Edit will load faster.
  3. You can create whitelists which are like banlists but they ban all cards except the ones listed. This is especially useful for Progression Series. The format of this is also compatible with edopro. We have also gotten ygoprodeck.com to export the whitelist so that you can keep a track of your collection from the packs you open and then export as a lflist.conf file. Put this file in the YGO Omega_Data/Files folder. Then you can play with your friends and build decks.
  4. Goat Format with all pre-errata. You have Master Rule 0 now.

UI / UX Changes

  1. Two themes were added to the default - SquareZones and FitFormZones. The former makes the field zones the same size as a card. The latter makes the field zones the size of a square. These added themes may fit your playstyle.
  2. The LP bar design has changed.
  3. The font weight for card text has been increased. It should be easier to read. This allows us to keep how the card looks like in real life without bolding. We increased the font weight just slightly.
  4. Settings screen re-designed.
  5. Chat settings added in the 4th tab of the chat box for easier access to muting opponent or spectators.


  1. When spectating a duel that ends, it would go back to the lobby and would create a visual bug where you would see the end screen options over the lobby. This was fixed.
  2. If you set right click for No, Close, Cancel, and No Chain, they will not conflict. That is, if a prompt is open that is asking a question of yes or no, right-clicking to close the prompt will not also trigger No chain. Similarly, if the Graveyard is open and you click right-click to close it, it will not also say No to a prompt.
  3. When a card effect that targets a card in the graveyard is negated, the target symbol remained on the card. This was fixed and now it will be removed.
  4. Sometimes card effects that confirm cards in the Graveyard appeared face-down like with True King Lithosagym. This is now fixed.
  5. Reconnect will now work with no face-down cards on the field.
  6. Custom card databases will work now. You can use the OmegaDE and create your own custom cards. Put the database in the Databases folder.

Upcoming (no ETA)

  1. We plan to combine Dueling Nexus and YGO Omega so that both can duel on a single ranked server. That means players from Nexus can duel players on Omega. The greatest limitation of Omega is that you have to download and install it. For the players who can’t do this, web is the best way. If you don’t care about graphics and just want to play, then play on Nexus. You won’t need Discord and can login using the web account. This way, it adds a back door to play on ranked regardless of the simulator you use. Nexus will also be getting an upgrade to Nexus 2.0 with several performance enhancements. Manual mode will come to Nexus as well. We will help with this transition as this is a good partnership between Nexus and Omega. In the future, other ygopro sims may connect to this single ranked server as long as they share the same core, database, and scripts.

  2. Tournaments will begin soon.

  3. The game is pretty fast now with all the server tweaks but we will use even a better server in the future after the merge with Nexus.


When I right-click on the username of the LP bar, I only get a string of numbers.

Yea, thats the discord id. The username is something different

I got it.
Thanks for telling me about it.