YGO Omega Version 0.91

  • Reconnect now works for single, match, tag, and relay. It won’t fail. You can disconnect, close the game and reconnect as long as you got time left. The field will load correctly.
  • 16:10 resolution support
  • Deck Edit filters got a new layout.
  • The new probability calculator is here. You can test hands with it on the web. In the deck manager, simply click your deck and click the new button at the top. It will import the deck. You can choose the combos and it will calculate the probability of drawing them. This also works as a deck converter.

will the game be out within the next 10 days because like the trailer before said coming out this year however it seems like that was a lie since it doesn’t seem like it will be out this year

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If the year isn’t over how can it be a lie? Spreading misinformation like this is a fast track to a ban.


I mean 9 days remain and from what I’m looking at with the versions being mentioned your 0.09 away from a 1.0 pubic release so that means either 1 version update a day or crunch for a full release also sorry I didn’t mean to come off as though I’m spreading misinformation it’s just been a rough year for everyone and the crunch is extremely close. so again I’m sorry if you see this as spreading misinformation that’ not the purpose I was just merely trying to mention I’ve seen triple A games be pushed back or updates for games be pushed back even though they said it will be out at a certain time or they release it and it’s not to the standards that everyone had hopped. I am happy to see this and I want it to succeed just a little concerned about the time left is all.

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here’s an idea, how bout show some patience and wait for omega to release when it is ready to be released


I mean look at cough cough cyberpunk 2077 as an example of games that are not ready for release. they said yes it’s coming out at this time wasn’t ready so got delayed fair enough then delayed again and again and again then when it went gold and came out on time after so many delays it was still buggy and barely playable lol it should not have been released but the community was getting annoyed at how it was being delayed a lot so community also has an impact on devs and especially with small teams it can put pressure on when they try to commit to release date because people expect it to be out then and that’s why most games end up in early access so quickly. also don’t be rude because how you phrased that comment shows some aggression.

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