YGO Omega Version 0.89

  • You can right click quickly 3 times to add 3 cards fast in the deck editor. (it’s even faster than ygopro)
  • Relay mode has been added as a 4th game mode. Relay mode is similar to the WGRP in Yugioh 5ds. Unlike a regular tag duel where if your partner loses, you lose - in relay duel, you swap with your partner. Each partner has separate LP. Currently, only works for 2 vs 2. In the future, we will try to support 3 vs 3 if possible.
  • Deck importer file explorer bug fixed.
  • Some tag duel stuff fixed and sleeve syncing.
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please when will it be released for the public it’s already december and still doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere near release. on the subject of rarities just curious will you have to play ranked to earn points to get them or will there be other ways to earn points as well?