YGO Omega Version 0.88


  • Picking the AI random will work now.
  • The chat box is resizable. Just click and drag from top right.
  • The holograms scaling has been adjusted. The black vortex has been removed. It won’t obstruct the field anymore.
  • Arabic language got fixed.
  • The text inside the chat box is better aligned.
  • Earthbound Immortals, Nordic Gods, and Sacred Beasts (anime) also added.
  • Maximum Summon in Rush Duel has been added and works.
  • The Room screen has been completely redone.
  • AI will be added upon one click.
  • Overall fixes here and there to cards and text.
  • Draw animation added

when will you release this game ?


How to download???

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its currently in closed beta

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you say it’s going to be out this year but it’s still nowhere near release

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I’ve donated to your discord Duliest Unite. Says that it would enable the beta access.

i assure you, as a beta tester, the game is very close to being ready for a release before 2021. honestly, it could release today and it would be basically a finished product.