YGO Omega Version 0.87


  • Arabic language added.
  • Can now host a duel and filter cards by release date. (This is nice for hosting cross-banlist and Goat. Players can only join your room if they have cards in their deck released between the dates you picked.)
  • You can rematch with AI skipping RPS. (One step closer to Test Hands. Next we will add a button from deck editor.)
  • Lots of interface changes done in the main menu, lobby, room screen. (More to come later)
  • The rooms in the lobby will load faster now due to change of structure.
  • Note that all damage calculation rulings and everything DistantCoder found is already fixed.
  • New Skill cards and Duel Links cards added.
  • Dark Synchros and Dark Tuners added.

i want to play omega how to download the game?
and if it is a beta how to apply?


I really want to play omega and I really need to know how to download the game and if it’s a beta and how to apply?


how do i download YGO Omega?

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How I can download the game

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¿Como descargo YGO Omega? tengo muchas ganas de jugar

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