YGO OMega Version 0.86


  • Deck shuffle animation
  • Client and server syncing which will sync the timer so that players will not miss timing for chaining.
  • Time gained per move increased to 2 secs.
  • Duel Links cards that have been nerfed like Lava Golem and Gagaga Cowboy, have been added.
  • Destiny Board animation
  • Draw screen
  • Game messages got reworded with modern semantics and PSCT after reviewing with head judges.
  • Varioius card bugs and rulings fixed

Is this just details on the update or is there a place to actually download? Also, if there is a beta version, how can one be a tester?

Thank you

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waiting patiently for this game,

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yeah death to duel links and a successor to Link evolution


Sorry guys had to delete my other account off of Discord because I knew my authentication code to my old account so I had to do my old name.