YGO Omega Version 0.85


  • New camera angle added. This is a new 3d angle zoomed out. It will give plenty of space on the left and right side for content creators to fit their camera and chat. It also is better than the previous ModernFit view where the field was shifted to the right side. Now the field is in the center. Total 3 camera views now. The extra 2d field without depth was removed. 2d with depth was kept.

  • You can now right-click to add/remove cards to/from deck. No longer need to double click. It’s faster and for mobile, players will just learn to drag with their finger in the future.

  • Picking the default deck for Arena was 4 clicks. Now you can click once to open the deck manager and right click on any deck to set it as default and close automatically.

  • Auto Build button has been added in deck editor. This will help with challenges and in cases where you just want to finish an incomplete deck without caring what cards are added. It’s better than the Duel Links algorithm. It adds cards from real decks people uploaded from ygoprodeck. This is also a substitute for “Don’t Check Deck” in ygopro since that was a feature to allow a deck with <40 cards. This algorithm will continue to improve as we get more information about associated cards from yugipedia.

  • Side deck screen improved. Spectators can exit the side deck.

  • Graveyard icon changed and improved in card list.

  • Global and Profile statistics finally done. Click on your own username in ygo omega to see your stats. You can also click on Statistics on the website to see overall meta decks, single card usage, and more. Leaderboards will update every 1 hour. These statistics are based on the duels in YGO Omega. As our sample size increases, it will be more accurate. Remember this is closed beta. Also note that only the top 50 or so players are being considered here because we want to calculate card usage and meta decks for the best players based on Elo rating. The global statistics will be later divided into tcg, ocg, and dl. Currently, the data is mixed.

  • Duel Links limitations fixed. Skill cards can also be now added to side deck in Speed Duels. All Skills work and all Duel Links exclusive cards (without tcg/ocg counterparts), are in game.

  • Arrows that tells you there is more text that can be scrolled on card pic.

  • Removed brackets around card names in pop-ups.

  • Spells and Traps will use white card names now instead of black.

  • Third card layout - anime style is here. Note that if you pick this layout, there’s no card text. That means you are forced to read the card under the card tab. Use it at your own discretion. Later, we will improve the card info tab too.


  • Tournament System (Deck locked, Swiss format)

  • Playmats - will work just like sleeves. Just put a png image.

  • More QoL changes, probably to deck edit filters to make it more convenient.

  • Making the card text under the card tab in chatbox appear from the top instead of the the bottom.

  • Elo Decay factor - All good ranking algorithms have incorporated a delay factor. Our own ranking algorithm is based on the model used in League of Legends. They use a decay factor so that players who are inactive for 1 month with an Elo > 1400, will decay by 50 points for each week thereafter.

  • Online Puzzle Mode, 1 vs 2, and 1 vs 3 will come later (probably not this year).

  • Hand Combo Probability Calculator on web

    1. This will be unlike anything any ygo player has seen before and will be quite useful for deckbuilding. It uses multivariate hypergeometric analysis but is unlike any of the calculators on the web including MTG. Note that this isn’t Test Hands since you can’t play out the combo.
    2. If you want to play out the combo, then you can duel against the AI. You can just press the shuffle button in the deck editor to randomize hands and then start an AI duel with no shuffle.
    3. We still recommend to use edopro for test hands since that can be used offline. That is why it’s easy to spam the restart button because it requires no connection to the server. Next year, we can look into this. Offline AI, Puzzle Mode, and Test Hands are not impossible but our focus this year is to finish making new things, not duplicating features that have already existed for several years in other sims.
      The purpose of omega is not to replace what exists but to offer more options and to create what doesn’t exist. If we wanted to create another ygopro, it would be easy to do that. You would end up with edopro with ranking and hd pics but that’s not our goal.