YGO Omega v1.5.212


  • Card arts not showing up. This is because the structure of arts and other textures have changed in last version of Unity and in our code.
  • Deck sync / LAN not working. The reason it didn’t work is some routers don’t have UPnP enabled. This allows the game to open a port when it needs t open it. We have adjusted some things so that players will still be able to invite their friends for LAN when clicking the room code button so that it copies the local IP address.

Functional Changes

  • You can now drag cards from hand to the zone directly and then click Summon, Set, or Activate! This is a great feature and works well on touch interfaces like tablet, phone, etc. This works beautifully in manual mode.
  • You can also drag monsters during Battle Phase to your opponent’s monster for selecting attack targets as well as direct attack.
  • Manual mode has changed a little as well. Try it out!

UI/UX Changes

  • The page system for Lobby, Replay, and Deck Manager has been replaced by a scroll system. This is easier to scroll through and faster. You can still search as you type. You still have a scrollbar to indicate how many games / decks there.
  • The cancel icon has a red tint on it now to make it easier to know that it means cancel.
  • You can now change the card layout of the display pic separately from the card layout that applies to all other cards.
  • Deck Editor got reorganized. Sort and Shuffle moved to the Main Deck line; Save and Save new back in the toolbar. This creates more space for more rarity buttons in the future.


  • 3D backgrounds for each angle of the duel field with interactable objects.
  • Reorganized deck editor.
  • Some quality improvements for icons and buttons.
  • Puzzle mode being able to save the puzzles as lua in scripts folder.
  • Visual log like Master Duel which card thumbnails and icons for locations.

Is it just me or did this update cause AV to block the update? I unblocked the update, but I keep getting corrupted data when I start the game, even after running updater.

You’re on Android right? Corrupted data happens when either an AV or there is a disconnection while updating. Android users try to update using data.

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