YGO Omega v1.4.205


  • [Fixed] The game could not get past the loading screen when offline to use Local mode.
  • [Fixed] When a card was placed from the Graveyard to the Field while the opponent was looking at the Graveyard at the exact same time, the card would appear invisible to opponent.
  • [Fixed] Puzzle creator works. Just go to Duel Mode → Puzzle. Puzzle mode can be used to create any situation even for testing because you can place any card anywhere.
  • [Fixed] Level in hand would show opponent’s cards if those cards were revealed previously.

Functional Updates

  • The cards that appear in a card list will be sorted by ownership and location. That means, the cards that belong to the player will appear first and the opponent will appear after. We still use the blue and red icons to indicate ownership, but this is easier to see and will prevent misclicks. It will also be sorted by location after that. This is also consistent with what is done in MD.

  • You can now copy a replay code to clipboard and simply click play in Omega without importing it. This is an easy way to view replays without having to save them.

  • When hosting a local game, you can open the chat box and click room code to copy your room code to clipboard. Give this to your friend and then they can input it after clicking “Join” to join your game. This only works if you have port forwarding enabled on your router, either open port 9997 or use UPnP.

UI/UX updates

  • The Keybinds in the Settings screen now has presets. Click the Toggle button to change to A S D configuration; Hold button to change to LMB/RMB configuration; and a Custom button to load/save your own configuration.

  • Turn counters will be shown in the center of the screen when those counters get incremented e.g. Crush Card Virus, Final Countdown, etc.

  • The middle phase button can be used to popup another sub-navigation menu to change phase. This is an alternate way of changing phases as opposed to the click and hold.

  • The phase popups have been changed to indicate whose turn it is during that phase. That means red is for opponent and blue is for player.

  • CTRL was added to the keybind menu so players can remap this key if they are using it for something else.