YGO Omega v1.0 Release

Happy New Year!

YGO Omega is finally out of beta!

Download: Release Latest · duelists-unite/omega-releases · GitHub


  • Marking this year, we will begin tournaments. This is the first simulator in yugioh history that can do automatic swiss tournaments. This includes auto deck checking, auto pairing, auto scoring, auto pie chart generation. This follows the official Konami policy. Each round is 40 mins. When the round ends, players can finish their current phase. After the phase is finish, the player with the higher LP will win. This is part of the End of Match Procedures. It has never been coded before. Furthermore, Swiss tournaments allow players to continue even if they lose. Swiss is a better approximation than Single Elimination because it gives more changes to players to duel. In a game like Yugioh where the winner or loser could be decided by good or bad hand, it is important to have more duels to approximate the true winner.

  • We will announce tournaments through Discord events. The first few tournaments will test the system. Then we will advance to larger tournaments with prizes. Weekly tournaments for TCG and OCG as well as alternate formats like Goat, Rush, Duel Links, Common Charity, Time Wizard, etc. will be done. The possibilities are endless because we can host any tournament with any ruleset with one button.


  • Alternate formats including Common Charity, Heart of the Underdog, and Deck Master have been added. You can filter all cards that have been released as Common in the TCG from the card pool filter in the deck editor. Choose Common Charity from the Extra Rules when hosting. Heart of the Underdog can be selected from the banlist which will ban the top archetypes based on our ranked data. In the future, when Konami provides the exact list, we will follow that. Deck Masters can also be chosen from the Extra Rules.

  • Budget filter. Have you ever wanted to duel according to budget? Each card in the TCG has its own price from TCGPlayer and Cardmarket. We can average the two sources to create a filter so that only decks below a certain defined value can be allowed. This is a new cool layer to add for tournaments and duels.

  • In order to incorporate all this, we did have to move the “Allow Beta” to the Extra Rules. This is consistent with “Disable deck checking”, “Common Charity” and “Deck Master”.

  • The chain link icons have changed. Before, if a card gets targeted and chained, showing both icons on the same card can cause confusion. Even in Master Duel and ygopro, if you target a card, the target disappears to show the chain. This is especially important for cards in the Graveyard and other zones. Now you can see both.

  • Certain Trigger Effects get triggered as soon as you click on them like DPE. This means that especially in simulators you may not know what effect you are triggering. Hence, now a prompt will appear after you click the card to show the trigger effect before you confirm. This way you can also cancel it. This may be weird for some players because if a monster only has one effect - why have a confirmation prompt? It is to clarify what trigger effect you are activating when clicking.

  • Timer system is improved for anti-stalling. If a player is idle for too long, the hourglass will turn red and start counting down at twice the rate. This has shown to be quite successful in our tests.


  • The Twitch Extension which will allow viewers to hover over cards on Twitch and read them. This will come very soon (this month!). It will only work for YGO Omega. Only the person streaming has to install the extension, not the viewers.

  • The website tools like the banlist creator and custom card creator.

  • Mac and iOS will be released sometime in early 2022.


Question: How would the custom card creator work ? Would one be able to create scripted custom cards for YGO Omega ?

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You don’t create scripted custom cards. You create the custom card using the interface of YGO Omega in the deck editor and then that gets added to a local database in the databases folder. You can use custom cards in manual mode. These days, people who create custom cards will create a lot of different effects which are difficult to script. In manual mode, a card can do anything you’d like. The best way hence to paly with custom cards is through manual mode.


Hey, I have a question about the Deck Master format.
How does it work at the time? Since Konami didn’t really give real rulings about it how does YGO Omega handle it at the moment?

You choose a monster from your deck as a deck master. It’s banished at the start of the duel like a skill card. Then, it is treated as a continuous face-up monster where its effects are active. If the player can Normal Summon, then they can choose to Normal Summon their Deck Master ignoring Summoning Conditions. If the deck master is destroyed, you lose the duel. It’s pretty straightforward.

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Hi! Quick question. How does deck syncing work? Is it automatic across PCs, or do I have to manually sync the decks by sending and receiving them?

It’s automatic. Just click the button and it asks for an ip address that’s local. It will send the decks to that ip address.

Okay thank you, but after a bit of testing I realised that I am not able to activate any effects of my monsters is that intentional or a bug?

Is this the new thing, Should i play this or the open beta?

It’s already out. The download link is saem.

If you mean the deck master format, try it again. Should work.

when will custom card creator be available?

I installed the game but for some reason it doesn’t start, it stays locked to the logo

Ask on the discord for support. There are many questions to ask like your OS, antivirus, etc.

Hey hey, was wondering about the status of the Mac release sense we’re about a quarter through the year. Could that possibly be expected sometime in April? Really been excited to give it a shot!

Hi we’re going to be releasing Omega 2.0 this year either in June or July. Before Mac can come, the client has to be stable. It takes a lot of effort to build for mac and each time we update the game, we have to do all of it again. There’s no point releasing the game for Mac if it has bugs. If we release for Mac, then we’d have to then devote our time to fixing the bugs for Mac which will deviate from our time spent on Omega 2.0.