YGO Omega v1.0.200 Release

Functional Changes

  • You can choose now enable/disable “Show options on hover”. The reason for making this optional is that sometimes players prefer to click on the card and then show the options to prevent a misclick. Also when moving the mouse over the card, the mouse has to remain hovered to show the options and this can sometimes lead to problems when the mouse is accidentally unhovered when moving diagonally. This can occur when a card has 4 options (Summon, Special Summon, Set, and Activate). Another case is when the Attack and Activate buttons are too close to each other. This allows us to put more space between the icons to prevent misclicks.

  • Chaining now works as intended. Hold chain works by holding a key to change the chain setting. By default, holding the left mouse button (LMB) will change to ON change and holding the right mouse button (RMB) will change to OFF chain. When not holding anything, it is AUTO chain. This configuration is the most popular that has been used in official games like Master Duel, Duel Links, and Yugioh Online as well as unofficial sims like ygopro. Remember that All Chain is not the same as ON chain. ALL chain is used for bluffing when you don’t have a response. Hold A for this.

    Toggle Chain works by pressing a key to change the chain setting and that chain setting remains changed permanently until another keybind is pressed. For example, left click to change to ON (stays this way); right click to change to OFF (stays this way). Be careful though since RMB is also used to close, say no to options. Hence, it is not wise to use mouse buttons as keybinds in Toggle Chain. The most popular keybind configuration for this chain mode is A=ALL chain, S=OFF chain, D=ON chain.

  • You can cancel ritual / monster selection AFTER activating a ritual / fusion spell. This means you can activate Polymerization → Select a monster from the Extra Deck → Cancel then select another monster instead. Omega now can cancel just about anything - summons, sets, and activations from hand as well as material selection for Tribute, Link, Synchro, Fusion, Ritual, and Xyz Summon.

UI/UX Changes

  • It is easier to find games now by simply searching for the game by Room ID. The Room ID of any game is shown during a duel when you open the chat box. Simply click on the Room Code to copy it and then give it to a friend. This is better than searching by player names which can be misspelled or have uncommon characters.

  • There is a Refresh button now in the lobby. This does have a cooldown of 10 seconds. You can now easily refresh the lobby to see games easier.

  • The Host Tab now has the Preset buttons - TCG, OCG, DL, SPD, Rush, and Goat. Omega has several options which can make it intimidating for new users. Use these buttons as shortcuts to host a duel quickly in the format you desire.

  • A lot of miscellaneous changes to the layout and alignment for deck manager, replay manager, lobby, etc. Backgrounds were updated. Lots of sounds were added and changed.

  • The prices are now displayed per section of the deck - Main, Side, and Extra. This is so that when people screenshot their decks, the prices are shown in USD.

Website changes

  • We moved to a better and faster server, so many things have improved. The links to previous things work again including the probability calculator: Yu-Gi-Oh Probability Calculator


  • Aiming to have Omega 2.0 by July of this year.

  • We are going to be adding a live update leaderboard and profile. The statistics that will show most cards used, ranking distribution, most decks played and top decks played.

  • Tiebreaker column to the tournament results page.

  • Custom card creator on website. This tool can be used to create any custom card, then export it as a json file and put that file in the databases folder in Omega. You can also import json and edit existing custom card selections. This will make it very easy to make custom cards.

  • Banlist creator on website. Omega has lots of ways to create custom banlists like banning specific archetypes or ban by card type. It can even require cards to be in the main deck. All of these options will be explained in the new banlist creator.

  • A fourth camera view will be coming. This view will be neither 90 degrees (top down) nor 70 degrees (angled). It will be 80 degrees and zoomed in. This view is very similar to master duel but the advantage is to see the cards on field more clearly because it is zoomed in. The cards in hand will only stick out half way.

  • Leaderboard and Profile viewable within client without having to go to the site.

  • Better card log with thumbnails of cards and icons for location.

  • Skill cards will show its own unique skill card cover when set on field.

  • Dragging from cards from hand to field. Dragging monster to attack. (We’ll investigate this but not easy to do without breaking other functionality.)

  • Public deck repository. A way to search and find decks from publicly available decks.

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