YGO Omega v0.998


  • Various UI bugs.
  • You can click on the activate/attack buttons in the 4th monster zone and the right EMZ.
  • Incognito mode works again.
  • Themes don’t get reset after each update.
  • Animations are more in sync with game speed.
  • Custom textures work again.

UI/UX changes

  • New default theme
  • The games in the lobby are using better color codes. The games in green are open (can be joined) while the games in blue are closed and playing. We also use the Xyz stars to flag which games are ranked.
  • The height of the options have been increased for easier clicking in mobile.


  • Game speed option in the chat settings. Use this to adjust to any speed you desire.
  • You can now drag cards from hand to the field and then select summon/set/activate. This is just like in duel links and in preparation for mobile. For players who hate that there’s no cancellation for normal and special summons from hand, this is the next best thing. Dragging a card from hand is analogous to picking up the card from hand irl.
  • When asked, “Activate a card or effect?”, you will see the cards that can be activated glow so that you don’t have to press “yes” to see what can be activated just like in ygopro.
  • Related cards filter was added to the deck editor. Simply drag any card to the search bar and see related cards (this is from yugipedia so it won’t match what’s in Neuron exactly).
  • You can export all decks as ydk in a zip now.
  • When clicking import, you will see 4 options so you can choose how you want to import. Before all 4 of these options were merged into one for faster importing but we realize that it’s better to show the options for new users.
  • YDK will now save your deck tag information.


  • Android and Chrome are ready. Will release soon.
  • We are working on other things like getting other ygopros to connect to the Omega server. This will allow cross-client compatibility. Players can choose to play whatever sim they want and still have ranking this way.