YGO Omega Update Patch Nov. 15, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Surrender bug - When the opponent surrendered exactly when an effect was activating, this caused the game 2 of a match to be stuck for the other player. The only fix was to restart the client. Now, this bug has been fixed.

  • Tag slots - You couldn’t directly click on the slot to move to that slot. Now you can. We also added some numbering of the slots so that players understand who is who and what the turn order will be. This way you can arrange your team members the way you want.

  • Side deck bug - Sometimes, you’d see a completely different deck in the side deck screen. This happened when people went from one queue to the next with different decks. This is now fixed.

  • Antialiasing option - The option was not saving in settings. This has been fixed.


  • Cancelling Synchro Summoning - We actually had this before but we had disabled it in the last update due to the Extra Rules and forgot to turn it back on. This update, you can cancel the synchro summoning even after a tuner monster is selected.

  • Android - When hovering over face-down cards, it would auto flip but since android has no hover, the card would remain face-up after a single tap. Hence, we made it so that the auto flip is off by default for mobile users. The game can detect the platform and turn it off.

  • Reconnect - You could not disconnect and reconnect during the siding screen. Now you can. Remember that reconnect is a feature very unique to Omega as you can completely close the game and still open it, resuming your duel as long as there is time left.

  • SRP to URP - Universal Render Pipeline is a new way of having our graphics and certain textures be rendered by Unity. The cards on the field are now higher quality including rarities, animations, etc. The performance has also been improved.

  • Date filter - Omega is the only ygo sim that can filter cards by release date. However, this was not easy to implement since a card can have multiple release dates for different regions. That is, the oldest release date for TCG and OCG per card is now stored in the database. If the user picks the TCG card pool, then the date filter will use the TCG dates. This is quite cool because you can host a duel for any time period or format - Goat (2005), Edison (2010), TeleDad (2008), HAT (2014), etc.

  • Banlists - Supplementing to the above, creating custom banlists has now added much more flexibility. You can ban cards by type, archetype, card type, and much more. We can even make banlists that require rather than limit cards. For example, “Must have at least 10 Zombie or Fiend type monsters in the Main Deck.” This would mean that the game can check for these requirements in the main deck specifically. Later, this will allow for some fun creative tournaments.

  • Prompts - To distinguish between Trigger Effects and Fast Effects, we have changed “Activate a card or effect?” to “Activate a card or fast effect?”. “Activate [card name], from [location]?” has changed to “Activate the Trigger Effect of [card name], from [location]?”. Trigger effects activate when their trigger condition is met but sometimes a monster can have both a Quick and Trigger Effect, which can be confusing which one it is asking. In general, a Trigger Effect has priority over a Quick Effect. Most players who use auto sims know this and hence, when the game asks, it is the Trigger Effect first before the Quick Effect even if both can be activated. In any case, we have clarified this for users so that there should be no further confusion.

  • The default resolution has been changed to 1280x720 the first time you download the game. This is because a lot of players don’t know how to toggle between fullscreen and windowed using ALT+Enter. Hence, the game shall start with windowed mode and then the player can choose the resolution or resize the game as they desire. This also prevents the issue that some users are having that are using non-16:9 resolutions where they can’t interact with their mouse.

  • Test Hands still needs a lot of work. Unfortunately, test hands will never be as fast as ygopro until we add the local core to the game. However, we can improve other things. We made it so that when you click test room, it will ask for shuffle and starting hand size. Then you click start and begin the test hands. Then after you exit the duel, it will RETURN back to the deck editor. This was not possible before but it is now. You also do NOT need to click save before clicking test hands! The duel will start with the edits you made to your deck.

  • Scene Transition time - A Unity game can never be as fast as a program made purely in C++ or so we thought. That is, Omega / Master Duel / Duel Links was never as fast as YGOPro. Photoshop was never as fast as Paint. MS Word wasn’t as fast as Notepad. People are used to instant scene transitions in ygopro with a click of a button. In Omega, there is a loading time between scenes. YGOPro is made purely in C++ which is closer to native language so it can compile faster and run. Unity has to compile through an intermediate language before it can run using C++. Now, there is a new technology called BURST. We are now using this. You will see a drastic increase in speed and almost zero loading time between scenes. Rooms can be created instantly, duels start immediately, deck editor, deck managers can open as soon as they are clicked.

  • Language translations - Even more things got translated for over 12 different languages. Anyone now can contribute to language translation. To contribute, go to YGO Omega Locale settings - Crowdin and signup.

New Features

  • The Arena tab has undergone some remodeling. Before, players used to click on the card pool (TCG, OCG, DL) and then click on ranked, single, or match. We found that Match queue barely is used and more queues ends up splitting the player base. That is, more queues per format. It is ok otherwise to have more queues for different formats. Now, players will first click on Ranked or Casual under the Arena tab. Under Ranked, you have TCG, OCG, and Speed Duel. Duel Links has now been removed from Ranked and moved to Casual where it will only have a single queue. Under Casual, there is TCG, OCG, DL, Goat, and Rush.

  • The Trinity format with all its confusing rules has been coded into the game. Simply pick the Trinity banlist from the banlist and then pick Trinity from Extra rules to apply. You can even use your own custom banlist. The conf file reads half-point as limited, full point as semi-limited, unbound as unlimited, forbidden as forbidden. The rest of the rules are already coded in the backend.

  • A lot of new UI changes. As mentioned above with the URP, but we also are changing textures and remodeling the interface a bit before the release of the game out of beta.

Upcoming before End of Year

  • Twitch extension - We are creating our own deckhub extension for Omega. This will allow viewers to hover over cards on a Twitch stream of a live duel and be able to read cards. This is only for publicly revealed cards like in the graveyard, field, banish, etc. It will make the streaming experience a lot better. No other yugioh game has done this so far and it’s not hard to do. Users will have to download the extension but otherwise, it will work and people can watch even without spectating from YGO Omega itself. Spectating is important for an e-sport. One of the reasons that web-based sims do well is because it is easy to spectate from the web from anywhere.

  • Auto Deck - Users will be able to add cards in a deck and press a button to fill the rest of the deck. This uses ranked duel data and data from ygoprodeck to find the best deck that contains the cards the user wants to keep in their deck. Since we store all the ranked data, we have the decks of every duel. Combined with the repository of ygoprodeck, we can account for casual decks that are not on ranked.

  • Statistics - The statistics page on the website will be adding pie charts to showcase which decks are being used the most on ranked, horizontal bar graphs to showcase which decks are winning the most based on win rate, individual card usage, distribution of which players are at what rank, and a cross grid to showcase matchups between different types of decks. We have all this data already. It’s just a matter of showing it visually on the website.

  • Tournaments - I keep talking about tournaments in every update because it is really Omega’s best feature which hasn’t been revealed. We were even able to code the EOMP correctly. When the round timer ends, the duel doesn’t immediately end. It will allow the turn player to finish their current phase and then the game will calculate the winner based on LP. This has never been done before in history of yugioh games. The website will automatically generate a pie chart at the end of a tournament showing the top x decks with the artwork of each deck inside a pie slice. In addition, we can show the recipes as screenshots of the top x decks below the pie chart. Lastly, we can show the grid of the matchups of the top x decks.

Upcoming Next Year

  • Offline AI, LAN Mode, Puzzle Mode, Custom Cards - All this boils down to one thing and that is adding the local omega core to the game. This means you can host a duel without connecting to the server. This allows for those fast test hands, puzzle mode, and custom card scripts. You wouldn’t want to allow players to send files to a server because they could send a virus. Hence, why LAN was created because then a local connection is established between players and they can share things like scripts, banlists, etc. People do this today with ygopro.

  • Custom card creator - You will be able to create custom cards within Omega’s interface itself. We have all the textures and the game already auto assembles cards which is why the card quality is as good as photoshop. Creating custom cards would then be added to your local database and you can use them either online in manual mode or if you want scripts,


After new upade my game crash every time I or my opponent attack with monster another monster on the field. Am I the only one having this problem?

You guys are killing it! All these updates are so good! I’m gonna be redirecting my friends from ygopro to ygo omega. Also i can’t wait for the new custom card creator and scripts.

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