YGO Omega Teaser - New Simulator

  • Manual and Automatic Mode
  • 2D / 3D / 2.5D Field views
  • TCG & OCG Versions of Official Cards
  • Rankings with Discord Integration
  • Tournament System
  • Speed & Rush Duels
  • Rarity System


When will you release it?


Hey @براء_غانم

Keep your eye on #omega:releases

The details will be mentioned there by one of the team members.


So how do I download it?


Will it come phone?

Yes, but probably not this year.

Can’t you technically be sued because you can buy the ability to unlock the rarities and stuff like that?

you cant pay to buy rarities.

Is a link to download this available somewhere?


@Sleeser well a friend I know who has the game said you can spend $5 to unlock all the rarities without doing ranked games

That’s only VIP where you get 1 of each rarity. You cannot get anymore except by completing challenges.

ah okay also just wondering when it will come out since I saw the 2nd trailer before because I didn’t know about this until recently and it was said it was coming out this year but it’s nearly over so just wondering if it was still gonna be 2020 planned release or not

Is the server goin to be alive soon?

What should I do to report bugs?

can some please answer this comment with the download link?