YGO Omega(Not responding) since last update

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    Ygo omega (Not responding)

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    Just start the game(i’m in windowed mode) , and wherever I am (main menu or lobby), if while I surf the internet the game presents the problem

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That also occur in main menu :confused:

I’ve tried fullscreen and windowed, it happens when I tab out for ~30 seconds. It can occur on almost any screen for me. Sometimes if I tab out for just a couple seconds it’s fine and then on the 4th or 5th or something like that it will not respond but I still hear the music and whatnot. Hope this helps.

same problem… dont happen when i play fullscreen tho

The problem still persists on fullscreen mode when switching tabs.

Also taskbar flickering

cant connect online. game sever

was playing all other day.

This is all due to you using windowed mode. We told you guys what the fix for this is. Use Windows 8 compatibility mode or don’t use windowed mode.

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i will try, also i didn’t knew this solution