YGO Omega: can't connect to the lobby with new update v1.9.224

Hi there, I write for a friend of mine I have been playing with for a few weeks now, his YGO Omega stopped to connect to the lobby as soon as the new version has been downloaded (v1.9.224), when he clicks on “Online” it never reaches the Lobby but remains on the background screen.
He is on Windows 11 like me, but in my case with the update the connection to the Lobby continued to work as usual…
What could he do to continue playing with me?

Thanks a lot!


Ok with the new update v1.9.225 and connecting with the Discord Web method (not the App), my friend managed to reach the Lobby again… We were in the middle of playing a Starter/Structure Deck tournament to see if the format of the Starter/Structure Decks is viable as an an alternate format that could include decks from all eras without being too unbalanced… We could go on testing, thankyou very much for the update! :smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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