YGO Omega 2023 Update - Chat Filter + WOC + Spherion

Dear Duelists,

We are excited to bring you important news about the latest developments in our community.

Firstly, we have introduced a new chat filter to YGO Omega in our latest update. We believe this new feature will enhance your game interactions, by ensuring a friendly and respectful environment for everyone. We apologize if any of our players have ever been affected by inappropriate language in the game in the past. We encourage all of you to use the mute and block functions when needed and to report any misconduct. Duelists Unite and our current staff members uniformly stand firmly against discrimination in any form, and we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all our players.

We will also have a end of the year World Online Championship (WOC) that will be with paid prizes and entry fees. It will use the WCS banlist (TCG+OCG). This tournament will also be for charity to the S2C (Streaming For Good - Stand Up To Cancer) where we will donate half the proceedings from entry fees. We invite all streamers to participate in this opportunity to raise cancer awareness and have fun at the same time. This will be a multi-day event with Swiss Rounds and Top Cut. You can read more about how Swiss works here: Swiss Pairing Algorithm in Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments

We are also thrilled to unveil a brand new theme, “Neo Domino City”, an addition we’re certain you’ll enjoy. However, this will be the last feature update for Project Omega for the foreseeable future. Rest assured, we will continue to maintain the game, including the addition of new cards. We are committed to ensuring the longevity and playability of this beloved project. Furthermore, all statistics including card usage statistics based on actual usage of the card in duels (not just frequency of a card in a decklist), has now been published along with other statistics on our site: YGO Omega | WIP This page even includes our live daily player count.

But this is not an end, rather the beginning of a new chapter for Duelists Unite - introducing Project Spherion. Born out of our passion for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game and our commitment to innovation, our team is ready to explore new horizons. Project Spherion is a brand new game concept, not a simulation of any existing game. We are synthesizing elements from an array of games - Yu-Gi-Oh, Dungeon Dice Monsters, Bomberman, Runescape, Chess, Go, Duelists of the Roses, and even drawing inspiration from Kazuki Takahashi’s last concept design before his passing.

Our goal is to create a game that merges the best aspects of these diverse games into a unique, compelling experience. We are ecstatic about this journey and can’t wait to share more with you. Let your minds speculate with curiosity. We are targeting a major reveal next year, including a potential prototype.

Thank you for being part of our vibrant community. Your enthusiasm, loyalty, and camaraderie make all of this possible. As we chart this new course, we look forward to your continued support and involvement.

Stay tuned for more details, and in the meantime, may the Heart of the Cards guide you!

Best Regards,

Duelists Unite Team