YGO Omega 2.0

Platform support

  • Mac and iOS are now available to download. Mac users should run the app from the applications folder. iOS users need to know how to install unsigned ipas on an iOS device (with or without jailbreak). You can find this on youtube.

UI Changes

  • A new default “Necrovalley” theme has been added. The theme system has changed. We will be creating more themes in the future. The next theme is based on the “Winter” season. These themes will be included as part of the game and will work for all camera angles. Interactable objects are now also possible.


  • Manual mode has gotten some improvements with the XYZ summon works and how materials get attached. When you move a card to another card, it will ask top or bottom to ensure that the card is moved under or over the card.

  • The deck editor card pool filter has a new filter for “TCG doubles” where cards that have both a tcg and ocg version can be shown.

  • The camera is now dynamic - updates live when changes are made to any of the sliders.


  • The long waited tournament system is now ready. We will begin hosting automatic tournaments this year starting with the Halloween Tournament. Click the link for details. This system will auto check your deck according to the banlist requirements; update the scores; match according to the swiss algorithm (can also advance to single elim from top cut if needed); end of match procedures will be followed following round timer; pie chart generation for top decks; decklists for top 4.

  • The tournament schedule can be found here. We will start with weekly tournaments every weekend, both TCG and OCG. We’ll also try alternate formats like Goat, Edison, Rush, Speed Duel, Duel Links, and many more!

  • Introducing Battle Pass! So far, donation (VIP) of $5 gives you +1 of each rarity, sleeve and playmat syncing with opponent. This is a one-time permanent donation that lasts forever. We will now be adding a new system called the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is $8 and will give +1 of brand new rarities (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark, Light, Divine) that are not available from the donation. In addition, Battle Pass users can participate in any tournament during the month and get cash prizes. These will be special tournaments in which only those with a Battle Pass can enter.


  • Auto deck will be fixed in next update. Don’t expect this to generate a competitive deck. It will always generate a random deck if nothing is in the deck editor to start with. Otherwise, it will fill cards accordingly based on current cards. It takes data from ygoprodeck and our own ranked to do this. Use it as a fun feature or to experiment and find new related cards.
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