YGO Omega 1.7.215


  • Convulsion of Nature was not showing the top card correctly.
  • Rivalry / Gozen / TCBOO was not allowing you to choose the monster after it was flipped.
  • A lot of the pre-errata dates have been fixed.
  • When using legacy banlists, the tcg date for cardpool will be used by default instead of ocg.
  • Zoom card getting stuck on screen randomly.
  • Game crash when minimizing card list and clicking thumbs up.
  • “Unknown -1” was showing sometimes when Link Summoning when picking Link Materials.
  • Hitbox for deck thumbnail in the deck editor was too wide.
  • Probability calc on the website works again.
  • The keybind for close (right-click as default) will close the phase submenu.
  • Tooltips like “Overlay materials” get stuck on the screen and don’t go away. This was a Unity bug.
  • The AI wasn’t able to go into the Extra deck.
  • Playmats were not being synced with opponent.
  • MR0 will not allow you to pay LP cost if it is equal to your LP.

UI/UX changes

  • We have increased the monster zone size. The card quality in Omega is already the best but the further the distance there is from an object, the smaller it looks. Anti-aliasing can only do so much to remove jagged edges on the cards. Hence, we believe that the monsters on the field are the main attraction and we have increased their size slightly.
  • Camera views are completely customizable. Before, you could only swap your camera views between 4 choices. Now, you can even create your own camera view. This will be very good for recording. It will save your choice.
  • We have bought the license from Esoteric Software to support Spine animations. These animations allow for monsters to move when summoned. Just like players can add their own arts and holograms, now they can add their own spines. This does not mean that the base game will come with its own Spines but we will start to make some of our own. You are free to use Spines from other sources and put it in the “Animations” folder yourself. You can simply click during a duel to skip a Spine animation which will not cause delays in combos like in MD.
  • A new visual log has been added. The duel log button is located at the bottom right corner near the surrender icon. This does not replace the text log which is still in the same place, but for some players who don’t need text and prefer a visual log, it’s there.
  • The default backgrounds are now made using rendered 3d. This means it is neither a static image or a video. It is much lighter and will work for any camera view. Later, we will add several backgrounds which you can choose from within the game itself with interactable objects (you can click on it and it will do something).

Other changes

  • The size of the game is half now because of better compression.
  • All the banlists for legacy formats like Goat, Edison, etc. have been fixed so that the pre-erratas that correspond to those dates will be valid when choosing the date filter. This means you can play any of those formats with the correct card pool. For example, pick the Edison banlist (March 2010) with the card pool up to August 31, 2010 since the next banlist is Sept. 1, 2010.
  • A new Extra Rule has been added - “Limit 3”. Similar to Highlander where only 1 copy of a card is allowed in a deck, “Limit 3” is a new fan-made format where a deck must contain exactly 3 copies of each card, no more or less. This means limited and semi-limited cards can’t be used. It also means the Extra deck won’t have more than 5 unique monsters.
  • A new sfx has been added for when the time is running out and turns red to help indicate to the player to hurry up.

Known Issues

  • Previous themes may not work. [Themes have to be repaired due to new camera system.]
  • The hitboxes for certain buttons are misaligned on non 16:9 resolutions. [Fixed with next Unity update]
  • Android not receiving art updates. This is a Unity bug. [Fixed next week]
  • Website stuff
    • Leaderboard link not working. [Will be fixed soon]
    • Profile link not working. [Will be fixed soon]
    • Tournaments. [Coming soon]
  • Auto deck will only work for an empty deck and not add cards for an existing deck. [This will be fixed later.]
  • Support for iOS. [Sometime this year]
  • AIs are not updated or too weak. [New AIs that represent the most current meta will be made later.]
  • Holograms might be off-centered. [Some monsters with wings or legs, may look like that]


  • That bug we wanted Unity to fix, got fixed but they didn’t release the update with that fix. So unfortunately, it will carry over to next week for the real big update.
  • The next update will cause the building time to be faster delivery and Android will get updates.
  • We are aiming for July to start tournaments. The website is all that’s left. We will be doing a series of Charity tournaments in collaboration with https://standuptocancer.org/ from July to November that will include alternate formats like Goat, Edison, Rush, etc. This will lead up to December where we will do a grand tournament with cash prizes. There’s no limit to how many players we can have in a tournament given this is an automatic system with auto scoring and pairings. We want to break any records of largest online tournaments for yugioh and trading card games in general.

The new Spine Animations are really cool. I feel like they’ll be abused though.

excited for those tournaments!

This is the best update so far, I love being able to position the camera wherever I like, and the new duel log and default background are great. :smiley:
Here’s my setup:

Mure custom option for the duel interface would be nice of course but I think the menu is great as it is :slight_smile:

Is there a tutorial to convert 3D objects to “omega” format? I think I might want to try making my own themes in blender. :smiley:

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I am Egyption and in egypt the internet is limeted :disappointed_relieved:.
SO when i was tring play omega (without internet connection) in the new update,it didnot work.
the game didnot pass loading screen.
i hope you fix this :grinning: because it was working without internet connection in the old updates