YGO Omega 0.997 Patch

Functional Changes

  1. Added 3 vs 3 mode. This works both under Tag and Relay.
  2. The side deck swap system is now changed. You can right click to select multiple cards in the side deck and right click multiple cards in the main deck. Then click swap. This system is better for switching groups of cards rather than 1 by 1. It is also good for de-selecting if you change your mind.
  3. When searching for monsters with specific level/rank/scale/rating, you can now click on the = button which is between min and max. Clicking on this sets the max to equal min. This allows for easier filtering.
  4. Tournament system has now announcer sounds voiced by Pegasus. This will inform players when the next round is about to start, when the current round is about to end, and also when the tournament is hosted. The exact policy guidelines for tournament will be followed.
  5. When hovering a card in your hand, the summon/set/activate buttons will stay even if after unhovered unless hovered over a new card. This allows for playability on mobile / touch interface. It also solves problems where people were not able to click on these buttons in 2d view.
  6. The bottom LP bar will always reflect the player at the bottom.
  7. In manual mode, when adding a card to your hand, you can just click where the hand is. Click move->click hand.
  8. Added an option for players to disable view of the field spell background during a duel. Some players prefer just seeing their playmats throughout the duel.
  9. Added incognito mode. This mode will hide the player’s name and avatar during a duel. Players can still right click on the LP bar to obtain the discord id. This helps streamers who don’t want to be stream sniped.
  10. The default hotkey for zoom has been changed to MMB (middle mouse click).
  11. The defeault hotkey for hiding UI has been changed to CTRL+H.
  12. Added sort by scale in deck editor.
  13. Changed timer for side decking to 90 seconds instead of 180.
  14. Added auto spectate mode. This will just allow you to continuously spectate duels on omega. You can leave the game this way while streaming and not have to worry about spectating another duel while afk. Open browser and go to http://localhost:9999/ to do this.
  15. The ranking system got changed from Elo to MMR. MMR means that you get a fixed amount of points for beating people in a certain bracket (bronze, silver) and lose a fixed amount of points. MMR encourages people to play and is a progression system. We will try this ranking system for a month or so and then consider upgrading to Microsoft’s TrueSkill once more players are in the ranked mode.
  16. In Manual Mode, you can self-target by clicking on the attack button and then on the monster.
  17. Host Profiles that were added. Right-click saves the profile to the number and left-click loads the Host Profile.
  18. The minimum queue on ranked is 4 people. Before, the minimum was only 2. This will prevent rematching with the same opponent and also improve the quality of your matches.

UI Changes

  1. The victory/defeat screen has been changed to win/loss. The fonts have changed.
  2. The phase buttons have a hover state that will show when you hover over them.


  1. Minor bugs, card scripts, strings.

Hi! Thanks for the update! :smiley:

I apologize in advance if this is not the right place to report bugs. Please remove this post if this shouldn’t be here.

I found some issues after the last update (0.997 Patch):

  1. During a Duel: The life bar, life point counter and timer are swapped for players. This is visual only; for example: even if I see my LP decreasing to 0 after my last attack, it’s still my opponent who loses the duel.

  2. Some (or all) counters do not display on the cards on the field anymore (it happened to me with Swords of Revealing Light). However, the counter details still displays in the card info.

  3. During side decking, I was moving a card around when, suddenly, my opponent surrendered. I got the surrender message and the duel ended. However, during my next duel’s side decking, the card I tried to move on the previous duel was still in the same place as before (out of its usual place in the card pool), and I was not able to move/swap any card, so I had to proceed to the next duel without having side decked.

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All fixed. The #2 isn’t a bug.

All of my decks disappeared after updating. Launching the updater again didn’t help either. Is there a way to restore them?

Yes there is. You can see a Player.data.bak. You can replace your Player.data. Then run the updater.