YGO Omega 0.995 Patch

Functional Changes

  1. New server. This server is different in that it is much more stable. Even if a card script or beta card has an error, the entire server will not crash anymore.
  2. Master Rules 0 has been added. This is the rules that existed during 2005 (Goat Format). You can play accurately now with the rules of Goat Format with any card pool. You can find the goat banlist as well. This was not possible before, but now it is since we coded the rules into the core rather than just each script. The versions of the cards that existed during Goat also exist.
  3. Core update fixed some scripts that had new functions.
  4. Card sleeves will now also work with tags. If you have a tag called tcg and you put a sleeve called tcg.jpg in the sleeves folder, then that sleeve will be used for all decks with the tcg tag. If more than 1 sleeve is available for a deck, it will pick randomly. If you name a sleeve the same name as the deck, that will take priority over all others.
  5. Manual mode has an activate button for cards on field. You can also target yourself and target from the hand. The shuffle button got added back along with the redraw hand for testing hands.
  6. We also added the No chain button to Manual mode so that if No Chain is on, then the opponent can move to the next phase without your permission.
  7. Setting the LP in Manual mode will take -x for subtraction, +x for addition, and x to set.
  8. Added option in Settings for “Auto Flip”. If you disable this then face-down cards on your field won’t auto flip and will remain face-down.
  9. Added an option to hide all buttons in the UI using “H” (hide).
  10. Added a new deck sync button in the deck manager. You can finally sync all your decks on the cloud with a single click. This will save your decks so you can export all to ydk or any format.

UI/UX Changes

  1. We changed the default keybind for No Chain back to “S” (Stop). It’s better to use the ASD keys for chaining in combination with the mouse. This is also consistent with games that use WASD.
  2. Q (Quill) is the default keybind for log and W (word) is the keybind for card text tab. This is easy to toggle since they are next to ASD.
  3. Enter key is to open chat. We didn’t do this before because Enter used to interfere with other actions during a duel and we didn’t want players to press enter during a prompt. It should now work with only opening the chat and nothing else.


  1. Tournament bug where the player of the last match of a round couldn’t join the next round since it started immediately. We added a 60 second cooldown before next round starts to fix this. This also gives players a bit of a break before the next round starts.
  2. Side deck changes are not saved between rounds.
  3. Creature swap bug fixed.
  4. Side deck bug where wrong deck shows in side deck screen.
  5. Target icons show when card effects target 2 or more cards on field.
  6. The $whitelist flag for banlist works now. Illegal cards will be allowed.
  7. Min will always be less than or equal to max in deck edit filters.


  1. We will later think about doing a Season pass for players that will have access to all events and tournaments for the entire duration of a season (banlist). There will be $$ prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The larger the tournament is, the bigger the prizes.
  2. More polishing to manual mode.
  3. Report system.
  4. Will try to see if we can find a hack to test hands in AI without having to restart duel.
  5. Continued performance and optimizations that will improve speed and minimize resource consumption.
  6. Mac support.
  7. We’re going to merge our server with Nexus so that Nexus players can connect Omega and duel with them on a single ranking server. The reason we want to do this is becuase players who don’t wnat to download Omega or use discord, can simply access via web becuase Nexus is on web.

Nice update , i’m waiting for Mac support :grin:


Game is great! Waiting for Mac Support! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the work, I’m waiting for Mac support too and I hope, that the people wont leave everey time like in EdoPro. I’m exited, thank you!

Edopro has no ranking which is why people leave because there’s no punishment for leaving.