Xyz materials under field spell image

  1. Bug description
    [When doing an Xyz Summon while there's a field spell active, the materials will be under the field image.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Do an Xyz Summon after activating a field spell.]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    [The Xyz materials should be over the field spell image.]

Try to reproduce this again and let us know. We couldn’t.

Untitled Untitled1

I just realized it’s not just the field spell image, they get under the field itself xD

Strange, because when we activate the field spell, the xyz material is above the field spell. If it was below the field, then it would be impossible to click it. We are still not able to reproduce it. The lead developer herself uses Madolche and she hasn’t had any issues. Maybe you can contact us and duel to show live.

If this is still bugged, let us know.

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It’s still bugged after the recent updates. Here’s another picture:

There’s no special steps to reproduce it, it happens when you make any Xyz at any time. It happens every single time for me, custom theme or not.

Xyz materials aren’t showing beneath the card because that’s how it is designed. This is so that the client won’t break regardless of the number of xyz materials beneath it. Each time a new xyz material is placed, it will eventually go outside the zone boundary. In ygopro, this is an issue.

If in the future, we find a way to show it without breaking anything, maybe.