XYZ destruction interaction with Dimensional Fissure

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    Monsters were sent to the GY successfully even though Dimensional Fissure was active on the field.

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Dimensional Fissure is face up on the field. Sky Cavalry Centaurea was XYZ summoned on the opposite field using Live Twin Lil-la and Live Twin Ki-sikil. As soon as Sky Cavalry Centaurea was summoned I used Myutant Cry to fusion summon Myutant Synthesis and use it’s on-summon effect to target and destroy it. Sky Cavalry Centaurea was banished alright, but its materials went to the GY. Is that intended? I’m posting this because I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:
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    I think the materials should also be banished.
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    Windows 10

Yes, it’s supposed to work like that

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