Wrong card dates

  1. Bug description
    Many cards have wrong release date

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    While in Deckbuilder turn on Filter with any date, for example let it be 15-08-2007 date of “Tactical Revolution” release. While browsing cards with this earlier mentioned filter you will see many newer cards like “Armory Arm” or “Botanical Lion”

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    Only cards that had been released by then should appear

Perhaps the date is in the format MM-DD-YYYY instead of DD-MM-YYYY?
EDIT: Okay yeah, it is not just that, since neither Armory Arm nor Botanical Lion have been released before or on March 8th, 2008…

I found the issue. Armory Arm is released in SP02-TC033 (Starter Pack Volume 2) which was released in 2014-09-27.

However, another set with the same prefix, SP02 ( Sneak Peek Participation Cards) was released in 2006-08-05.

Since the database stores the SP02 as Sneak Peek, it was recording Armory Arm as 2006.

Unfortunately this is a problem with how Konami created their prefixes. Since they are not unique, it’s an issue. @Sleeser

In some cases, I think the stuff after the hyphen should be stored.

As for Botanical Lion, it is correct. It was released in Japan as far back as 2006. The game looks at the oldest release date.

Oh. Okay, my post was correct only for the TCG; my bad.