(wrong bug report, delete PLS)

  1. Bug description
    Normally when you ritual summon Revendread Slayer using Vendread Houndhord and Vendread Revenants, you gain 2 effects described in these 2 cards, but it doesn’t happen in YGO Omega.
    I’ve tried it multiple times and it didn’t work, hope I’m not missing something.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Ritual summon Revendread Slayer using the 2 monsters Vendread Houndhord + Vendread Revenants, your ritual summoned monster doesn’t gain any effects.

  3. Expected behavior
    Revendread slayer should be able to target and banish a special summoned monster once per turn (quick effect)
    also target and banish 1 spell/trap once per turn (quick effect too)

BTW, similar effect works really well in YGO omega, when ritual summoning with Djinn monsters the whole card description of the ritual monster change to mention the new features obtained from using Djinn as material for the ritual summon, I find this very intuitive!

Did you use the houndhorde and revenants on field as tribute or in hand/GY? The effect of houndhorde/revenants only applies when they are tributed from field

My bad, going to delete this post.

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