'World Legacy's Secret' 's passive effect not working as intended on activation

  1. Bug description
    If you activate ‘World Legacy’s Secret’ in a chain to the opponent’s activated monster effect on the field, and summon a Mekk Night monster from your GY in that monster’s column with 'World Legacy’s Secret’s effect, the opponent’s monster’s effect is not negated as it should be with the effect of ‘World Legacy’s Secret’.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  • Have a level 5 or highter ‘Mekk-Knight’ monster in your GY
  • Set ‘World Legacy’s Secret’
  • Activate ‘World Legacy’s Secret’ in response to an opponent’s monster’s activated effect on the field
  • Summon a ‘Mekk-Knight’ montser from your GY in the same column as the opponent’s monster which activated it’s effect
  1. Expected behavior
    The opponent’s monster’s effect should be negated with the lockdown effect of ‘World Legacy’s Secret’

  2. What OS are you using

This is TCG Secret, correct? World Legacy’s Secret – Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Product Errors (yugioh-diffs.github.io)

Indeed, the bug doesn’t occur with the OCG version

And you checked the link? If you chain Secret to a monster effect and target a Jack/Mekk knight, the former effect did not ACTIVATE in the same column as the knight… or am I misinterpreting this altogether?

Unless there is a ruling I’m missing, it’s always been ruled so far that if you chain Secret to the ef, the ef of the monster is negated ssince it activated in the same column where a Mekk-Knight now is). That’s how it resolves in Master Duel (which uses the TCG text with ‘activates’ in the English version) and in every official event I’ve taken part in or watched. Additionally if you tribute the monster in the column for cost, it still negates the ef, since it activated on the field in the column (though I’ve not tested that interaction with the TCG text in Omega yet).
Basically that interaction is the whole reason to play Mekk-Knights and this ruling makes them pretty unplayable for no reason, but that’s the programmers call. Good to know it’s not a bug at least.

That’s how it resolves in Master Duel (which uses the TCG text with ‘activates’ in the English version) and in every official event I’ve taken part in or watched.

Pretty sure Master Duel uses OCG rulings-- plus some of its own *cough* Monster Gate *cough* SpecialedDrytron *cough*

I mean sure, Master Duel isn’t law. I still don’t see why the way the effect has always worked and was always ruled in the TCG should be suddenly changed with no official ruling precedent. Well, I guess I will not be playing Mekk-Knights on Omega anymore.

It’s not about Master Duel. Every automatic simulator uses OCG rulings (even ours by default). It is incorrect to use OCG rulings though for a TCG ranked ladder. It has not been ruled like this in IRL events in the TCG. You can ask your own head judge to verify. This is the mistake of TCG using the wrong word in their card text. TCG is ruled based on the text. It has no database for rulings. Judges based on their interpretation and guidance from the database can rule differently until Konami reprints the card. However, sometimes the text is so different that even a database ruling is contradicted.

It takes extra effort to script the TCG version of cards. It is easier for us to do nothing and simply follow OCG rulings for everything just like every auto sim. You can still use the OCG effect as it is intended in WCS and OCG.