Why can't I summon Xyz Armor Torpedo?

  1. You cannot summon Xyz Armor Torpedo despite the fact it is out of beta
  2. Getting out 2 level 3 monsters is the required material for the card, despite having the required material, the card will not summon. I have tested this multiple times. Without locking myself, the card is just not summonable.
    Here is a replay of the bug
    Replay - Dueling Nexus - Free Online Game

  1. The card should’ve been summonable

  2. I am using a windows 10 computer

Can you recreate the error on omega tho?

It does work on omega

Sounds like a nexus specific thing. I know they redirect bugs to here because they use Omega’s database, but Nexus always runs a few steps behind when it comes to updates and fixes. Really it shoud be headed up with them