When using the Cubic Seeds Skill (Duel Links), the game displays an error

  1. Bug description
    When using the skill Cubic Seeds for a Duel Links duel, everytime a card is activated or the phase is changed a error shows up (?:-1 : attempt to index a nil value), the effect is not activated and other various errors happen (I had Gueira Guile the Cubic King in hand and couldn’t send a Vijam the Cubic Seed I controlled to the GY to summon it, also I couldn’t use Cubic Dharma effect to discard a cubic card and draw 1).

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Build a full cubic cards duel links deck and play a game.

  3. Screenshot OR error code


  1. Expected behavior

im having the same bug with balance and parasite infestation, i think all skills are buged.

Try again; I’ve pushed fixes for these recently

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