Weird numbers, cards staying on the screen when i remove it from a deck

  1. Bug description
    [when i click into my pendulum deck, all the values for the monsters, spells, and traps on the top corner of the decks are 99. its the same for the extra deck. another thing, when i right click or double click a card to remove it, it stays there, being a bit enlarged, and when i go into another deck, its there again. one more, the former TCG version of familiar possessed lyna is now the back of a card and i cant do anything with it.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Open omega, open the deck manager, go into the deck, and its all 99. double click any card, and it will stay there and be big. have an old deck list that had familiar possessed lyna and it will be a black card back.]


    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

    Screenshot - 68768efc59dff448dc7f90c65bc32c0a - Gyazo

  4. Expected behavior
    [the card should be removed from the deck, and the numbers should not be 99. lyna should be able to be removed and replaced with a regular lyna.]

Ok, the issue is because of that face-down card. Basically, it was once a TCG version of a card. It either got removed because TCG is following the OCG ruling or its id got changed. To fix this, exit the deck editor. Click on the deck-> click export -> click import and then type the name of the deck. You’re basically copying that deck without that face-down card which is what is creating the bug.

In the future update, we’ll just not show that face-down card.

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