Weird bug when dueling

  1. Somehow I got kicked from a game and the game remained active. When I rejoined (had to rejoin as a spectator, and somehow able to continue controlling my side of the field) then my opponent saw me having 2950 life points when I saw myself having -1900 after a battle. I’m not sure how it happened, or how to recreate this, but it happened.

  2. I don’t know to reproduce this.

  3. I don’t have any screenshots atm, but if it happens again I’ll be sure to screenshot

  4. I should have 1: not have been kicked from the game, 2: have been having the same amount of lifepoints on both screens, and 3: lost the duel when it hit “0”

You didn’t rejoin as a spectator since you were a duelist to begin with. It’s common that if you were disconnected for any reason, the game will allow you to reconnect as long as you have time left during your turn.

The only thing weird about this if the correct LP did not show after reconnecting.