War Rock bugs

  1. Bug description
    War rock Meteoragon, Bashileos and Skyler do not function properly in accordance with the different rulings between their TCG and OCG versions. The OCG version states 'during a Battle Phase in which your EARTH Warrior monster battled. This causes the effects to only be allowed to activate after at least one battle has been resolved (it cannot activate at the start of the Damage Step or before damage calc. on the first battle of a turn). While the TCG version says 'during a Battle Phase in which your EARTH Warrior monster battles, which means the effect can be used on the first attack of the turn. The issue is that the current OCG versions of the card function as the TCG versions should, and the TCG versions will instead only have an activation window on attack declaration (e. g. War Rock Meteoragon attacks a monster, on attack declaration a prompt appears to activate his effect negation effect, after which you are asked to chain the ATK boost effect (this applies to both Bashileos and Skyler). Furthermore, the ATK boost effects of these cards (TCG) cannot be activated at any other time, even after the battle has resolved.

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  4. Expected behavior
    The TCG versions of these cards should function as their OCG versions do now and the OCG versions should only allow their effects to be activated (at any time, not just on attack dec.) only after the first battle of the turn has resolved (like how they function in Master Duel).

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Hello there, I’ve been thoroughly investigating each of the cards you specified and I have come to the following conclusions:

For the TCG versions:
War Rock Meteoragon seems to function just fine. You are asked to activate the negation trigger effect first, to which you can either chain the attack boost effect, or wait until the negation effect has resolved, until the battle step of that battle phase, until the start of the damage step, before damage calculation, or, finally, during any of the previously mentioned steps once another war rock monster battles. From this I can conclude that, alongside your description of what the card should be supposed to be doing, that the TCG version of this card works as intended.

As for Skyler, the same seems to apply, with War Rock Fortia in the GY, Skyler seems to be able to summon Fortia at any point she or a fellow War Rock monster battles. Finally, Bashileos seems to function properly as well.

Do you have your chain set to “ON” in order to be able to use their quick effect during the appropriate steps?

For the OCG versions:
I can see the OCG versions do indeed function identically to the TCG versions, as all three aforementioned War Rock monsters seems to be able to use their effects during the first battle, which, according to how the OCG version is written, they should not be able to. I will notify the scripting team to fix this issue.

I hope that this is an adequate response to your report, feel free to add any other issues related to War Rock cards if they arise.

  • Catto

The issue is that you cannot activate their effects (TCG) at any other time during the BP, only during an actual battle. If Meteoragon, Baskileos or Skyler are on the field after a battle has concluded, you cannot activate their effects at all, which as far as I can tell is not how they are supposed to function. The only thing I can find is that the TCG ruling allows their effects to be activated during the first battle, but I haven’t found anything that says they can only activate during battle. Also, when I posted the bug report, their effects could only be activated on attack declaration and not at any point after (during damage step), which after testing seems to have changed.

After testing this particular issue, I can see that you’re right, they are currently not allowed to activate their effects in the open gamestate inbetween attacks. I have forwarded this issue to the scripters. Thank you very much for clarifying!