War Rock Bashileos, Meteoragon, and Skyler bugged (again)

  1. Bug description
    War Rock Bashileos, Meteoragon, and Skyler’s effects do not work correctly. Both OCG & TCG versions are bugged.
    OCG Version: The rulings for the OCG versions states that their effects cannot be activated until after a battle involving your EARTH Warrior has resolved, at which point their effects can be activated at any point afterwards in that battle phase. Currently, their OCG versions can activated their effects during the damage step, before damage calculation on the first battle of the turn.
    TCG Version: The TCG versions do not have the same ruling as the OCG versions, which allow them to activate during the first battle of the turn. While the cards do this properly, their effects cannot be activated at any point outside of a battle, even during the open game state after a battle has resolved, which they should be able to do.

  2. Bug reproduction steps


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  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    For the OCG versions, their effects should not be able to be activated at any point during the first battle (currently they can only be used during the damage step, specifically before damage calculation), but then can be used normally after the first battle has resolved. For the TCG versions, while they can be used during the first battle of the turn, they should then also be usable at any point, both during and outside of a battle.

(P.S. This is not the first time I’ve reported this bug. It happened before, I reported it, it got fixed, and then at some point, became a problem again.)

  1. What OS are you using

If this is true, then try again in between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

They’re bugged even worse now. The OCG versions cannot activate their ATK boosting effects at all and the TCG version can activate their effects at any time during the battle phase, even if a battle hasn’t occurred yet.

try this again

The TCG versions work correctly now, but the OCG versions still can’t activate at all. A message pops up and says “Parameter 1 should be “card””.

try this again

The OCG versions still cannot activate at all, though the popup doesn’t appear anymore.

try this again in about 10 minutes

They’re working properly as far as I can tell now. Thanks.

Good to hear and you’re welcome!

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