War Rock Bashileos Bug

  1. Bug description
    On battle destruction of a EARTH Warrior monster, War Rock Bashileos is not summoning itself from the hand.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [Write the exact steps to reproduce the bug. Provide a replay code if you can. You can attach replay codes, or use a pastebin link or you can even use a spoiler tag using]


    Attack Gainer attacked into Vampire Sucker so I could summon War Rock Bashileos on destruction, I was given the option to revive a Heroic Challenger Thousand Blades after taking damage but not to Summon War Rock Bashileos after the monster was destroyed. This has happened in other situations as well but I don’t remember them as well.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    War Rock Bashileos should have given me the option to Special it from hand on battle destruction of EARTH Warrior

We know. It’s a setcode issue that @sleeser has to fix.