Wake Up Your Elemental Hero does not gain attack when summoned using Favorite Contact

  1. Bug description
    When Wake Up Your Elemental Hero is summoned using Favorite Contact, Wake up does not gain the attack from returning the materials used by Favorite Contact to summon it. In Wake Up’s card text, it says [Must be Fusion Summoned. Gains 300 ATK for each Fusion Material used for its Summon.]. It does not specify that it has to be for a Fusion Summon.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    The replay code is in the attached.
    replay.txt (10.1 KB)

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. Expected behavior
    After summoning Wake Up, it should gain attack for each material used to summon it. Favorite Contact is not a fusion summon, however, it needs to return the materials used to summon Wake up in the deck. The condition is fulfilled and Wake up gains attack for each material used.

  5. What OS are you using

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