Volcanic rimfire does not allow you to send volcanic blaze accelerator for another volcanic unless another original is in deck

  1. Bug description
    When I send rimfire and have a volcanic blaze accelerator on the field(my original blaze accel has been sent by the volcanic so I have 0 of the original in deck) and I DO NOT have a second original in deck it does not let me activate rimfire to banish volcanic for volcanic

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Make a deck with only 1 of the original blaze accelerator
Activate volcanic blaze accel send original as cost
Send rimfire to the graveyard
Rimefire will not be able to be activated to send volcanic for volcanic (second effect)

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    As far as I am aware I should be able to banish a volcanic for volcanic

  3. What OS are you using