Visual/Freeze Bug when tabbing out to view Imgur images on Discord

  1. Bug description
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    I had YGO Omega open and switched to my open Discord application. I clicked on the center of an Imgur image to expand it on Discord, and when I tabbed back into YGO Omega, the visuals had suddenly shrunk into a rectangle in the top left corner, the rest of the screen was white and it said “Not responding” at the top of the app. I wondered if it was a one-off bug, but I tested it two other times and the same thing occurred. The YGO Omega app returns to working an average of about 60 seconds after this occurs.

I tested this with other links but Omega was ok, it appears to only be imgur ones that trigger this bug, but I haven’t tested with just a normal image uploaded to discord.

I have the lastest update of YGO Omega as of around 11pm MST (UTC -7).

  1. Bug reproduction steps

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  • Open YGO Omega (I was in the deckbuilder at the time looking at a deck).

  • Have your desktop Discord app open and send any imgur link into a chat. Click on the image (not the link!) to see it larger in Discord.

  • Return to YGO Omega and it should be as I described.

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    This is an image of the bug.

  2. Expected behavior
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    I should be able to tab into discord and not have YGO Omega do, well, whatever it’s doing.

Just realized this was addressed in announcements! Disregard, but I’ll leave the post up in case there’s something unrelated to the freezing announcement.