Virtual World Chuche GY Level Modulation Bug

  1. Bug description
    When you select one of the options for virtual world gate - Chuche’s GY effect to modulate my monster’s level by 3, when choosing decrease, it’ll often increase the level instead.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Twitch VOD: Clip takes place at 2:44:01

  1. Expected behavior
    The level of my Shenshen should have been reduced by 3 instead of increased.

Fixed. Thanks!

Are you sure it is fixed? I just experienced this same bug :slight_smile:

You did? The increase and decrease already got reversed. Likely your database isn’t up to date.

yes i did, i thought i misclicked at first but it happened again when i was paying close attention to what I clicked haha, I have the replay saved, is there anyway I can get the database up to date? thanks alot

Ok just wait in 2 hours. I pushed another database update. It will be live 2 hours from now.

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awesome thank you!
I’ll let you know here if the issue persists after, but hopefully it doesn’t

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