Viewing a duel after winning, then closing the duel left the 'Special Summon' message on screen

  1. Bug description
    After a duel, I went to view the field. I clicked onto the extra deck, then closed the extra deck, left the view of the field, and exited the duel. Upon exiting the duel, the ‘Special Summon’ text is still visible on my screen.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

1 - opponent surrender.
2 - Save replay.
3 - view the field
4 - click onto extra deck
5 - hovered over summonable monster in extra deck
6 - close out from the duel
7 - ‘Special Summon’ still visible on screen

  1. Screenshot OR error code
    YGO Omega Glitch - Album on Imgur

  2. Expected behavior
    The text shouldn’t be there.