Versago the Destroyer and Des Kangaroo/Big Koala won't fuse into Master of Oz, even though they can

Bug Description: Versago the Destroyer, a card that can substitute any monster card in a fusion unless stated otherwise, won’t trigger any fusion spells to be able to be used when in presence of Des Kangaroo or Big Koala, even though it can be used with either of the two to make Master of Oz when it’s in your extra deck. I have seen decks in other Yugioh spaces that let you do this, and even isolating them in a test deck doesn’t change anything, so I know it can’t be any other card I’m using that’s preventing this.
(Update: It seems that Master of Oz is just not fusion summonable in general. Even trying Des Kangaroo and Big Koala doesn’t work!)

The Steps:

Step 1. Put Master of Oz, Versago the Destroyer, any fusion spell, and either Des Kangaroo or Big Koala in your deck

Step 2. Watch in horror as you cannot fuse them.

As you can see, what’s supposed to be happening here is that either fusion card is glowing, and then I can summon Master of Oz using Des Kangaroo and Versago the Destroyer. But I cannot for no reason stated on any one of these cards.

I am using Windows 10.

No monsters can be fusion or link summoned in offline games right now it seems. Should work online.

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