Vaylantz Arktos XII causes server errors when activated mid-chain

  1. Bug description
    Arktos XII - Chronochasm Vaylantz has a quick effect that allows it to swap the positions of two monsters. When activated during a chain in the opponent’s turn, this effect causes an internal error and ends the match.

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    Summon Arktos XII - Chronochasm Vaylantz, with at least one more monster on your side of the field, and end the turn. During a chain in the opponent’s turn, activate the effect to swap the positions of both monsters. Having the opponent respond to the activation with another quick effect may or may not be necessary, I could not determine for sure. Either way, as the chain resolves, the match will end with an internal error.

    This has happened several times now - I am attaching two replays that end abruptly because of this error.
    Replay 1:
    Replay 2:

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    The match ends with “Internal error” and no further information, as displayed on the replays.

  4. Expected behavior
    Arktos XII should swap the positions of the targeted monsters, triggering its own effect to destroy a card, as well as whatever on-move effects the monsters may have, without causing the match to end.

  5. What OS are you using
    I am using Windows 10.

Thank you for your time. I hope this bug report proves useful.

Try this again

Have used Arktos a few times now, and haven’t had an error yet. I think it seems to be resolved.

Thank you very much!

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