Vast Desert Gold Golgonda and Sprigguns Watch are still not working

  1. Bug description

a. Vast Desert Gold Golgonda
Though Sprigguns’ XYZ monster isn’t at the Field, the card still cannot be activated to special summon a Sprigguns’ XYZ monster from EX Deck.

b. Sprigguns Watch
Since “Vast Desert Gold Golgonda” is in the Field Zone, the card should own its following effect (but the card effect cannot be chosen).
Add 1 "Sprigguns" monster from your Deck to your hand, and send 1 "Sprigguns" monster from your Deck to your GY.

  1. Bug reproduction steps


  1. Screenshot OR error code


  1. Expected behavior

(See “1. Bug description” for details)

It’s been fixed.

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