Vampire Aristocracy - Error Not Working

  1. Bug description
    [When attempting to play with new skill card Vampire Aristocracy or any of the march released skills cards app displays error 'Invalid Amount. Issue only occurs with new skill card. I have ticked all speed duel rules, changed type and even ticked banned cards with no fix.]

  2. Bug reproduction step

    [`1. Create Deck with 20+ cards and add 1 Vampire Aristocracy

  3. Attempt to host local or online match

  4. Press ready

  5. Error displays being Invalid amount of Vampire Aristocracy `]


    your replay code

  6. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    [Tell us what should have happened when the bug occurred.]

  2. What OS are you using

This Skill is currently unscripted.

Ahhh yes thankyou makes sense.

Any ETA on fix?