Valiant's Bug

  1. Bug description
    Most of the Valiants cards do not work properly.
    Shinonome, Priestess of the Valiant’s, on activation will place a field spell in the opponent’s field zone. Afterwards, she is unable to special summon herself from the pendulum zone, and her effect when moved to a different zone will not trigger.
    Valiant’s Dominator - Duke, can summon itself from the pendulum zone without the required cards already being on the field, and after being special summoned by its effect from the pendulum zone it will have an effect to search a Valiant’s spell, and when moved will search a monster (Shinonome’s effect).
    Hojo, Warrior of the Valiant’s can summon itself from the pendulum zone without the required cards being on the field and his first effect to bounce a card instead places a card from the extra deck in the S/T zone and its movement effect places a card in the pendulum zone (Valiant’s Voltage - Viscount effect).
    Valiant’s Voltage - Viscount, after summoning, will lock a face-down card and on movement will take control of an opponent’s monster (Dominator -Duke’s effect)
    Valiant’s Buster - Baron cannot be activated in the pendulum zone and cannot be pendulum summoned from the extra deck or hand and moving zones will not trigger its effect. Also, if placed in the pendulum zone by the effect of Hojo (what should be Viscount), an effect can be activated that will move a monster to an adjacent zone.
    Saion, Archer of the Valiant’s has the same issues as Baron.
    Both Nazuki, Ninja of the Valiant’s and Valiant’s Mad - Marquis (all other instances of Marquis effects work properly) effects will not trigger on movement to summon a monster from the S/T zones if the only valid targets are Baron and/or Saion.
    Valiant’s Vorld - Koenig Wissen, on activation will not place a field spell in the opponent’s field zone (Shinrabonsho places properly but cannot summon a monster from the S/T zone.) (Have not tested Koenig Wissen’s effect to place an opponent’s monster in their S/T zone.)
    Nazuki, Ninja of the Valiant’s, after being activated in a pendulum zone, cannot summon itself unless the required monster is on the field (It cannot summon under just the field spell.)
    When using Nazuki’s effect to move a monster to an adjacent zone, if targeting an opponent’s monster, it will make you select a zone on your side of the field and move their monster to the equivalent zone on their side (not sure if this is intentional.)
    Valiant’s Genesis - Granduke cannot be summoned by tributing a level 5 or higher monster in the same column as an EMZ.
    Neither Valiant’s Assemble - Mamonaka or Valiant’s Genesis - Ganduke can be fusion summoned (using materials from the hand, pendulum zones or monster zones (tested using Polymerization and Pendulum Fusion)). As such, their effects could not be tested.
    Finally, all Valiant’s images are cropped weirdly (just sayin’).

  2. Bug reproduction steps


  3. Screenshot OR error code
    I am not putting screenshots in for all of those. Do you see how long it is? It is in paragraphes!

  4. Expected behavior
    See above.

  5. What OS are you using

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